Where I am and where I want to go

Using the past to make way for the future

By day, I am finance professional at an investing consulting firm.  By night, I am burgeoning writer and blogger, crafter, chef and runner.  And 24/7, I am a wife to my husband, Eric, mother to our beautiful daughter, V, small business owner and landlord.  Anyone with a significant other, children, small businesses and rental properties know that none of those responsibilities ever take a break or a vacation.

How is how our investing situation currently adds up:

  • 2 Condo Rental properties (in the process of working on a third)
  • 2 small businesses (hubby owns one, too, and works their full time – his as you will eventually find out is more successful than mine…)
  • 2 private equity investments
  • Personal brokerage account
  • CD ladder
  • Retirement accounts
  • 529 account for our daughter
  • Hard assets: gold and silver

Some items that I am not including as investments:

Our home: even though we have actually had significant appreciation in our home since we purchased in 3 years ago, I do not consider your residence an investment.  Maybe this is controversial?  But for the purposes of my writing, I am only going to consider this is an expense and not an investment or an asset.

 Art work: My hubby has always had an eye for art and brought a beautiful collection with him when we got married.  Since then, we have always kept an eye out for beautiful pieces.  However, we tried, unsuccessfully, to flip some pieces.  Since then, I no longer consider art as an investment.  If we buy a piece, I buy with the idea that I will consume this art and enjoy in my own home.  Again, this may be controversial; however, at this point in time I don’t consider it part of our portfolio

 Jewelry: pretty much the same story as Artwork.  Hubby and I tried to “flip” a watch and….actually this should be its own post (I think I’m getting the hang of this whole blogging thing)…long story short we weren’t successful.  Therefore, our current watches and jewelry are not considered investments.

Car: depreciating asset and we need it to get around. It’s paid in full and therefore just costing us regular maintenance costs.  As we live in the city we only need one car.  We downsized to one car….another blogpost potential…and haven’t looked back…more to come on this topic.

Some of my dreams, as it relates to investing, include:

  • Owning a multi-family investment property
  • More private investing
  • Getting involved in micro investing or angel investing
  • Teaching others about personal finance and investing – demystifying the process and making it less scary
  • Write an e-book about my experiences

I’m very happy with the above list because it was completely off the cuff.  I just relaxed my brain and started writing and these were the first 5 items that came.  I’m not sure if I have ever verbalized these to anyone or even thought about most of these.  This is one of the reasons why I am extremely excited about creating a blog to hold me accountable to these goals and track my path towards succeeding.  I will try to look back on these in a few months to track progress and see if any of these have changed.

What does your current investment portfolio look like?  What changes would you make?  What are your investing dreams?



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