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Hi There!

I am Jess, a 30something year old investment analyst, wife and mom from the Boston area, and I am writing InvestorGal.  Some of my interests include family, friends, bowling, dogs, and reading.  However, my main interests involve personal finance, small business and investing.  I have been a fan of many personal finance blogs over the years and have found them to be a fascinating way to learn about how others organize their financial lives.  It is an odd thing that our finances, which constitutes such an important part of our lives, is something that is rarely discussed or even considered rude to discuss with family and friends

However, while I believe the tools of budgeting, frugality and focused spending are important; I started InvestorGal to focus on the “next steps” of personal finance.  After one has achieved an above average grasp of financial literacy and what they are looking to do next.  For instance, once you have started creating a nest egg and an emergency savings account – what are some other options and opportunities for what I can do with my money to keep it growing.

I have worked in asset management for a number of years and therefore been exposed to equities, fixed income, private equities and hedge funds.  I also have personally invested in 3 small business and a few real estate deals on my own.  By writing on InvestorGal want to share what I have learned so far through these experiences and what I continue to learn.

I would love to hear from everyone about their own experiences and their personal stories.  If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at investorgal101@gmail.com.




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