Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

Here goes nothing!

This, as you should know, is my very first blog post.  Before I get into (hopefully!) interesting and fun discussions about a variety of investing topics, I want to let everyone know why I am starting the InvestorGal blog:

  1. To Document Lessons Learned ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ I feel like my husband and I have taken more than our fair share of risks and made some interesting decisions when it comes to business and personal investing.  Some were good and we felt like investing geniouses and some were not that great.  I think it is important to document and analyze this on “paper” (i.e. a webpage) before years pass and I forget what happened.  Therefore, I would like to document all of the lessons I have learned over the course of my investing career.

2. Discuss Investing Ideas

I have a variety of interests as it relates to investing.  Some include: Real Estate, Small Business, CDs, Stocks, Private Investment opportunities, Savings, etc. etc.…I could go on and on.  Therefore, I would love to have a dedicated place to discuss these opportunities with like-minded people.  This is intended to include: random ideas of mine, interesting items in the news, projects or opportunities that I might be currently working on.

3. Accountability

I am always very impressed with other bloggers who post thoughtful excel spreadsheets with their budgeting tools, their thought processes behind various actions.  I, on the other hand, don’t always hold myself to such high standards.  I tend to use back of the envelope calculations but I thinking having the accountability to a readership to explain and think through my actions might be helpful.

4. Improve my writing

I have always enjoyed writing and def. don’t do it enough.  At this point in my life, I feel like I have a million great ideas for books, TV Shows and movies that I would love to create but have virtually no practice and not sure where to start. Sooooo…the way I have decided to start is by practicing my writing by discussing a non-fictional topic that I am very interested in – personal finance and investing!  I figure that this will get me into the practice that has always been on my New Year’s resolutions – write daily!  To me at this point, fiction writing is a little intimidating, so I think I will cut my teeth but trying to “spice up” a subject that some people might find dry, but that I love.

5. Get some skin in the game

Not sure if that is the right turn of phrase but whatever, I’m going to use it….I have been a total stalker of A LOT of blogs over the past MANY years.  I have always been somewhat jealous when they write posts looking back on how far they have come and how they are proud of themselves and blah blah blah….I always thought “I’m pretty sure I could do it.” So, I am FINALLY giving it a shot for myself.

Wow – I am actually happy that I have finally been able to verbalize my thoughts on this subject.

Have you ever started a blog?  What were some challeneges that you faced or continue to face?